3 question to be as when purchase your first property


Is your job stable?
Young people on a low starting salary, looking for the next more potential development opportunities should be placed before the planned housing. Because purchase a house is equal to sign long-term contracts for several decades, so if in the future due to conversion work need to move, it will cause inconveniences of living, and even become the reason do not want to change jobs, hence it affect future career arrangement outweigh the benefits.


Is your marriage and family stable?
“Marriage” is the motive of most people buying a house. But the couple should take into consideration of each other’s work and life, and also may face to sell and does not sell, rent or not rent, or cash flow and other problems. Therefore, it is best to wait until the stage of stable life before buy a house.


Is your dream come true?
Young people are the most precious dream, if the time you come out to work work already take up the mortgage, and you will tie into the mortgage cycle, hence it affects career planning.











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