Benefits of buying primary/new property


  1. Choice of good units for the early bird or repeat buyer.
  2. Your capital outlay is low if you qualify for a 90% loan. Common for developers to give 5% to 10% discounts.
  3. The biggest price appreciation within the shortest time happens during the construction phase. It is normal for prices to appreciate by 20%-30% within 2 to 3 years of construction. When buying completed property, the appreciation is 5%-10% per annum for normal years. (The last 3 to 4 years were not normal years but a super bull run in the property market).
  4. It is possible to make RM50,000 per year – something which most people cannot save from working hard from Jan-Dec.
  5. During the construction phase, the purchaser just needs to be aware of progress. Meanwhile, the developer is working hard to complete the project and inflation (eg. 5% per annum) works for the buyer.
  6. Some people don’t like to live in properties that others have lived in before.
  7. You enjoy a Defect Liability Period of around 18 months.
  8. Lots of freebies thrown in by developers to entice people to buy eg. DIBS (Developer Interest-Bearing Scheme), Discounts, GRR (Guaranteed Rental Returns) etc.
  9. If you are buying a high-rise development, there is no need to pay Stamp Duty. It is only payable when the Strata Title comes out many years later. As the first buyer, you can get away with it if you sell before the Strata Title is issued.
  10. As long as you buy from a reputable developer, the right product type, in the ight location, and at the right time and price, the risks are actually minimal.

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