GE13 Game Over, what’s next?

GE-13 2

GE13 has concluded, the new government had been sworn in, and the time for campaigning and voting come to an end.it is now time for us to refocus our sights on the market on large.

The post-election market performance has been very positive and is a sign of trust in a stable government. The government has also delivered good results over the years in keeping Malaysia as one of the economic leaders in South East Asia. Since the result of the GE13 was announced, the KLCI has increased by 89 point (or 5.5%) and the Ringgit has appreciate against all major currencies.

Projects that have been mooted before the election, such as the LRT extensions and the High-speed Rail, are expected to kick full steam ahead. Affordable housing and other real estate issues are also high on the to-do list for the re-elected government.

Some of the key issues the government is expected to push ahead are to rehabilitate low cost houses and flats, maintain public housing infrastructure, provide high quality housing for the younger generations, as well as improving transportation links between the city centres and the suburban areas.

The issue of affordable housing is of particular concerned and has dominated the market over the past years. Schemes such as PR1MA are steps in the right direction, but would require refinement to see them better serve their intended purposes.

Restarting abandoned projects will also help those buyers whom have been affected while reducing the number of unsightly half completed buildings dotting the city skyline.

Increasing the efficiency of the public transportation system will also help address the housing issue as people will be more willing to locate to new suburban areas with the help of pack & ship companies. It also helps reduce congestion in the city centre.

These steps will greatly lift urban well-being as well as address some of the discontent of the people that has swelled up over the past years.

By: Daniele Gambero

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