Property investment tips

Top property investment tips

– Two golden rules

Look for the potential upside, and always calculate the amount of risk involved in the investment


– Don’t believe the hype
Always refer to facts and figures and not the hype surrounding the property or your own hopes and emotions.


– Enter at the right price
When choosing the right property, nothing is as critical as the right entry price. Cross-check the property price against surrounding properties; if it is lower than its neighbours, you’re taking less of a risk and have the potential to make more profit.


– Popularity counts
Popularity needs consideration. The property has to be sizeable enough. Reasonably well-known areas and architect’s brand name give a strong publicity push. These are the properties which prices will escalate.


– Look for uncertain times
If the market isn’t good, there will be buying opportunities, and interest rates will have to stay low. Do your calculations don’t speculate and take advantage of the opportunities.

– Multiply your assets
Know when to sell your property. Cashing out your profit will probably enable you to buy more properties and multiply your wealth.


– Be confident
The property market isn’t as volatile as the stock market’s extreme day-to-day changes. Acquire adequate knowledge, holding power (the resources needed to keep a property for a few years) and confidence in the long-term economy of the nation, and go for it.

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