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When selling your home, there is the perfect combination of things to do in preparation. While every seller will have unique circumstances, there are several top tactics that will benefit every home seller.

1) Make your Home Green and Eco-Friendly

If a home isn’t selling, evaluate your home and make modifications to improve your chanced of a speedy sale. Recent studies show that savvy Minneapolis real estate buyers are looking for greener homes that boast of energy efficiency. Turning your home “green” can seem like an expensive and daunting task but it doesn’t have to be! Start off by making small changes. With that being said, green, in this context doesn’t have to be taken literally, by letting mold thrive in dark corners. Install a dehumidifier by first reading their most recent review, and get air conditioning. Believe it or not, there are also AC units available on this website for your pets. Replacing your bulbs with fluorescent lights will save you and your buyer energy while also giving your home a warm and natural light. Re-evaluate where you’re leaking warm or hot air and explore options to re-insulate and stop airflow. Replacing old appliances is always a go to when thinking of becoming more Eco-friendly. Newer appliances save energy and water while making your rooms look updated and neater.Newer appliances save energy and water while making your rooms look updated and neater. Home appliances have a lot to do in adding up to your home’s beauty. The best choices and advice come from the experts like Home Appliance Geek.

2) Upgrade your Home with Top Selling Features

This is easier to accomplish by knowing which home remodeling projects help sell a home. This doesn’t mean that installing a heated pool at this moment or a fountain in the front yard. By choosing home upgrades carefully, you can expect a better return on your money and time. It’s really easy as an owner, to start to overlook wear and tear in your home.

You may be better positioned to draw a strong home buyer pool by removing old wallpaper and repainting key rooms with neutral colors. Replace old carpet with new carpet or consider upgrading to hardwood floors if you have the means. It’s important that you grab a buyer at their first walk through of your home. You don’t want them to have to think about it, you want them to be impressed with what your house offers. Upgrading to stainless steel appliances and granite countertops will give the wow impression that you want.

3) Freshen up your Home’s Cub Appeal

While Realtors are fond of the phrase “location, location, location”, you can’t forget that a home in a great location still benefits from great curb appeal. Potential buyers who are driving by or walking the neighborhood will be quick to make assumptions about what the inside of the house looks like from the outside. Make your front door say “wow” and update your address numbers and mailbox for a sharp look. Small upgrades give your house a polished look.

4) Stage your Home after Understanding Better what Buyers Want

Staging your home is a very real aspect of getting your house ready to sell. How you live in your home is not how it should look when showing. The biggest step you need to take is to de-clutter your possessions. Start to throw anything that will be tossed when you move. If you’ll be putting items in storage, it will be worth it to remove them now.  Personal photos make it harder for a buyer to picture themselves in the house. Rearrange your home to optimize the space of your house with items commonly found tasteful.

5. Select the Best Real Estate Agent to Represent Your Home

It may be easy to select an agent based on suggested home list price. It is true that a prospective home buyer may overbid another purchase offer to be the winning bidder. However, typically it more important to have an agent representing your interests that will not overprice your home, but rather focus on marketing its best features. Discuss in advance of listing your home what your potential net profit may be.

According to Melbourne Property Valuers Metro web site, real estate agents and brokers who have been around awhile understand the skill, time, effort and measure of luck it takes to beat out the competition and get awarded a signed property listing agreement.

They also understand the marketing process; those things that must be accomplished in order to present the property to the real estate community, and then subsequently how to properly handle offers to purchase.

Okay, but on the other hand, real estate agents who have never listed and sold rental income property to buy stocks online might not know the full scope of physical inspections that must be coordinated once the rental property is sold and enters escrow.

So for those of you who are just starting to service commercial real estate let me give you an idea of what you should expect to address in the way of property inspections. Of course we’re assuming that these inspections are requested by the buyer in the sale agreement as “subject to the buyer’s approval” and accepted by the seller.

1. The Walk-thru Inspection

A “walk-thru” inspection is where the buyer gets to physically enter and examine all the units in the rental property with an eye on the over-all condition and quality of the carpets, appliances, fixtures, and tenants. This inspection regularly takes place during escrow because sellers are reluctant to disturb or alert tenants about a sale until they are satisfied with the buyer’s financial ability to make the purchase and have an accepted signed-around purchase agreement.

2. The Infrastructure Inspection

This is where the buyer typically hires licensed contractors to make inspections for such things as pest and dry rot, plumbing, electrical, roofing, and maybe even mold. Get a plumber from Slam Plumbing to have your pipes inspected. So if you are a seller, make sure to get your pitched or flat roof fixed by roofers newcastle if you don’t want to lose money due to the drop in price of your house. Obviously these inspections will be a cost to the buyer so they shouldn’t be ordered until the walk-thru inspection is approved.

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Is your job stable?
Young people on a low starting salary, looking for the next more potential development opportunities should be placed before the planned housing. Because purchase a house is equal to sign long-term contracts for several decades, so if in the future due to conversion work need to move, it will cause inconveniences of living, and even become the reason do not want to change jobs, hence it affect future career arrangement outweigh the benefits.


Is your marriage and family stable?
“Marriage” is the motive of most people buying a house. But the couple should take into consideration of each other’s work and life, and also may face to sell and does not sell, rent or not rent, or cash flow and other problems. Therefore, it is best to wait until the stage of stable life before buy a house.


Is your dream come true?
Young people are the most precious dream, if the time you come out to work work already take up the mortgage, and you will tie into the mortgage cycle, hence it affects career planning.












Bi-weekly and extra payments can help to save on bank interests

When it comes to purchasing a property, it is vital to look into the possible steps to save on interests. Most Malaysian only pays a minimum loan installment every month and this cause the loan amount to double up due to the interests. There are 2 simple ways where the buyers can save money on bank interests.

1) Bi-weekly Payment Package
With instead of choosing a monthly installment, buyers can choose Bi-weekly installment instead. This payment method is popular in foreign countries, but not so popular among Malaysians. Instead of making a monthly payment, the buyers can pay half the amount, twice a month. Please refer to the example below. By using this method, the buyers can save at least RM42,495.71 in interest and 4.5 years on loan tenure. But everyone should be wondering what’s the catch behind this. The catch is, the buyers need to pay 1 month of extra installment per year, since the payment is calculated every 14 days. So instead of making 24 installments a year, the buyers need to pay 26 installments. Yet it does make a big differences in the savings.

2) Extra Payments Towards The Loan Principle
The second step would be, calculate 10% of your monthly installment and pay the additional amount towards the principle of the loan. By this the buyers can save RM78,000 interest and 8.5 years of tenure.

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  1. 1-2 properties will not secure your future

    • – 1 or 2 properties will not be enough to secure your future – you need a “portfolio”
    • – “Portfolio” means a collection of investments held by an institution or a private individual
    • – Sometime in the distant future, you will have to pay off the remaining mortgages, therefore you need to get more properties than you intend to ultimately hold onto, so you can pay off any remaining debt and still have at least 3 “paid off” properties delivering you a steady rental income. Depending on your lifestyle, you may need many more properties than 4!
  2. Properties must be easy to hold

    • – The longer you hold onto a property, the luckier you become…
    • – Holding costs must be manageable and low risk or you may be forced to sell when you don’t want to
    • – Quality, new properties are usually easier to hold onto than older properties due to the additional tax depreciation benefits for new property, plus “gearing” tax benefits and higher rentals
    • – Wherever possible “buy time” before you have to settle and cash flow the property
  3. Get the right property for the right area

    • – Live where you like to live and invest where other people like to live
    • – People who live close to a commercial area (LAND) for convenience (TIME)
    • – People who live away from a commercial area (TIME) for space (LAND)
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GE-13 2

GE13 has concluded, the new government had been sworn in, and the time for campaigning and voting come to an is now time for us to refocus our sights on the market on large.

The post-election market performance has been very positive and is a sign of trust in a stable government. The government has also delivered good results over the years in keeping Malaysia as one of the economic leaders in South East Asia. Since the result of the GE13 was announced, the KLCI has increased by 89 point (or 5.5%) and the Ringgit has appreciate against all major currencies.

Projects that have been mooted before the election, such as the LRT extensions and the High-speed Rail, are expected to kick full steam ahead. Affordable housing and other real estate issues are also high on the to-do list for the re-elected government.

Some of the key issues the government is expected to push ahead are to rehabilitate low cost houses and flats, maintain public housing infrastructure, provide high quality housing for the younger generations, as well as improving transportation links between the city centres and the suburban areas.

The issue of affordable housing is of particular concerned and has dominated the market over the past years. Schemes such as PR1MA are steps in the right direction, but would require refinement to see them better serve their intended purposes.

Restarting abandoned projects will also help those buyers whom have been affected while reducing the number of unsightly half completed buildings dotting the city skyline.

Increasing the efficiency of the public transportation system will also help address the housing issue as people will be more willing to locate to new suburban areas with the help of pack & ship companies. It also helps reduce congestion in the city centre.

These steps will greatly lift urban well-being as well as address some of the discontent of the people that has swelled up over the past years.

By: Daniele Gambero

Papillon Desahill Condominium

Papillon Desahill Condominium

Papillon Desahill is a medium rise condominium located in Taman Desa. The name of the condo was inspired by families of butterflies found on the location, hence their names and characteristics in French were adopted. Papillon is pronounced “Pappy-yawn”.

Papillon Desahill is built on 4.5 acres of freehold land. It consists of two blocks of 15-storey condo with a total of 225 units. the condominium offers four types of typical units and exquisite penthouses in the form of duplexes.

Located within the Taman Desa neighborhood, Papillon Desahill is also close to nearby areas such as Mid Valley City, Kerinchi, Taman Seputeh and Kuala Lumpur. It is easily accessible via Federal Highway, Old Klang Road, New Pantai Expressway, Sprint Highway and KL-Putrajaya Highway.

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Vantage Point is a freehold condominium in Desa Petaling. There are totally 2 blocks in the compound and each comes with 15-storey providing 360 units. It is a low-density compound with basic facilities including gymnasium, tennis court, mini market and swimming pool.

Desa Petaling is one of the townships in Kuala Lumpur, which is located between Kuchai Lama, Sri Petaling and Kampung Malaysia. It is actually a strategic location. The township situates at the intersection of many highways and expressways such as New Pantai Exressway, KL-Seremban Highway, KESAS Exressway, Sungeu Besi Highway, SMART Tunnels and KL-Putrajaya Dedicated Highway. A very location, which is accessible to the different parts of Kuala Lumpur.

Wet Market Kampung Baru Salak Sel (0.8 km), Shops Taman Sungai Besi (0.9 km), Wet Market Salak Selatan (1.7 km) and Market Jalan Perlak (1.8 km) are the shopping places nearby the Vantage Point condominium. There are leisure attractions of Desa Water Park being only 1.7 km away and the signature Bird Park is 6.7 km away.

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