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Like everything in life, there is a process. Whether we realize it or not, our whole life is based on a process. Before we embark on anything, let it be in deciding on where to go for a holiday, which new school/college/university to enroll in to even deciding which car to purchase, there is a process we follow.

It begins with a dream, followed by planning and research before the execution can take place.

Such is the case when it comes to making a decision on which property to purchase. It is after all the biggest investment one will ever make.

To understand this process and how property buyers and investors go about this decision process, Malaysia, conducted a short survey on the site. Gathering close to 800 respondents, the survey revealed that:
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In early April 2013,, the number 1 property website in Malaysia conducted a survey through their website. The survey aimed to gather information from Malaysian Property Hunters / Searches on their needs from the new government that will form after the 13th General Election.


The survey which was conducted in between 12th to 16th April 2013 with the title “Will the upcoming General Elections affect the real estate market?”. It manage to attract 2275 property hunters & searchers throughout Malaysia.


Generally, most Property Hunters / Searches in Malaysia want the government to curb the rising of the property price. The full outcome of the survey can be easily read from the infographic below.


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