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Property loan base on net selling price

PETALING JAYA (Nov 20, 2013): A new Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) ruling that requires banks to give out property loans based on net selling price, which excludes rebates and discounts, rather than gross selling price may affect loans growth for banks this year, Alliance Research Sdn Bhd said.


Its analyst Cheah King Yoong said a BNM circular sent out to banks last Friday announced not only the expected ban on the developers interest bearing scheme (DIBS) and the interest capitalisation scheme (ICS), but also an unexpected rule for all banks to determine their loan-to-value (LTV) ratio based on net selling price rather than gross selling price.


Banks can no longer provide financing for projects approved by authorities with DIBS on or after Nov 15, 2013 effective immediately. While those projects approved before Nov 15 have until Jan 1, 2014 before the prohibition is effected.


“We currently project 2014 loan growth target of 9%, supported by stronger growth of business loans stemming from the ongoing implementation of Entry Point Projects under the government’s Economic Transformation Plan, which is expected to fill up the vacuum left by the moderation in household loans. However, in light of the more onerous property lending curb, we will be reviewing this target,” Cheah said in a note to clients yesterday.

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Diverse citizens in the world maybe randomly thinking of acquiring real estates in other countries for variety of reasons; new business ventures, new environment or could be just change of everything. Citizens in other countries usually require asking permission from their central banks before they finally can apply for a housing loan in Malaysia. Currently, there are no prohibitions and regulations for Foreigners in owning a Malaysian real estate.

The following are the categories for Foreigners who are legible to acquire a Malaysian real estate and apply for a housing loan:

1.)Expatriates or foreigners with valid working permit and existing business in Malaysia.

Some people believe that it is way cheaper to buy than to rent any property in Malaysia, that’s why inquiries about acquisitions really do arise. Lenders and borrowers relationship is equal in this scenario. A certain bank balance in a local bank and being able to show monthly wages that are credited properly into a local bank account produces right outputs. The borrower must be always ready to show overseas bank statements in case a part of an income is being paid there. Just remain cautious not to be caught in-between jobs. Lenders are more into stability of an individual in a certain setting rather than short new opportunities or jobs even if those jobs pay very well.

2.)Expatriates or foreigners under the MM2H program.

Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H) is Malaysia’s Government program allowing foreigners to apply for a 10-year renewable multiple entry visa. The foreigners and expatriates who apply for MM2H are given incentives to experience the life they want to experience in Malaysia. Some Malaysian banks are actually offering flexible financing terms for the expatriate community so they can have loaning options and make things easier for them. Ministry of Tourism or any authorised MM2H agent handles this application. In Sarawak though, MM2H is only available to applicants over 50 years old. Continue reading ..

checklist-300x300– Does it have strata titles or individual titles, The former will be bound under the Strata Title Act. Although new regulations state that guarded and gated development have to have strata titles, there are projects still offering individual titles.


– Confirm if the guarded and gated has obtained the necessary approvals from the authorities.


– Check the developer’s track record. The developer’s involvement in guarded and gated projects is inevitable, especially during the initial completion period, e.g. engaging the residents, setting up a resident’s committee, appointing security guards and landscaping companies, etc.


– How much are the maintenance fees. All residents need to contribute toward the management and maintenance of the common areas within the guarded and gated area. Per house contributions can be exorbitant if there are only a small number of residential units within the guarded and gated area.


– How is the road circulation within the guarded and gated area as well as ease of access to the main road and highways.


– Features such as open areas, car-parks, CCTV etc.

Price negotiation










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马来西亚的房产走势,更是一路飘红,大多数地产发展商预期房地产价格会不断上升,大马成为2013年全球最热的十大房产市场之一。为什么马来西亚房产如此火爆?今天, 简单分享如下:






马来西亚高达5%-6% 的回报率显得相当可观。




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7 tips when purchase a property


近来市场经常在争论房地产市场是否存在“泡沫”,房价是高是低?这个问题还是留给经济学家们去讨论好了。 作为买房自住或投资者大可不必管什么收入房价比,也没有必要管空置率怎样算。普通买房人看市场的方法很简单,那就是看银行对买房贷款的态度,银行手松,说明市场看好;银行手紧,说明市场风险加大。银行的态度比专家的话真实、准确,可信度更高。






房地产投资和其他投资一样,不要认为自己能摸到市场的价格底线。如果不是为了急住,当房价一路下跌时还是持币观望一下好,宁愿市场开始走高时买不到最低价,也不要有抄底心理。 Continue reading ..



  1. 不能购买卖马币少于1中号的产业。
  2. 可买住宅/商业的标题,但不能买地(土地)
  3. 不需外资委员会(FIC)批准
  4. 但银行一般只会批准率60%〜80%
  5. 没规定置产后一定要住多久
  6. 不需先申请“马来西亚我的第二家园计划”(MM2H)。 MM2H主要是延长出入境限制。参考MM2H:



  1. 购买本地产业没问题,本地政府没有限制。但要考虑以下两点。
  2. 已经拥有本地产业,就不能申请新加坡组屋(HDB)
  3. 如果已经拥有新加坡组屋(HDB),5年内(最低职业期间)不能购买本地产业中的,否则新加坡政府查到要罚款

Join name property

金融机构普遍接受父母与子女、配偶、兄弟、姐妹之间的亲属联名购买,当然商业伙伴也可以联名购置产业。 联名者只要对想要购买的产业意见一致,在向银行申请产业贷款时,收入符合贷款分期要求,一般都可以获批。

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The Government will review the Real Property Gains Tax (RPGT), as well as prohibiting developers from implementing projects with Developer Interest Bearing Scheme (DIBS).


During the tabling of the Budget 2014, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razaksaid that for gains on properties disposed within the holding period of up to three years, the RPGT rate is increased to 30%; whereas for disposals within the holding period up to four and five years, the rates are increased to 20% and 15% each.

RPGT for year 2014

For disposals made in the sixth and subsequent years, he said no RPGT would be imposed on citizens, whereas companies are taxed at 5%.


For non-citizens, Najib said RPGT would imposed at 30% on the gains from properties disposed within the holding period of up to five years, and disposals in the sixth and subsequent years, RPGT is imposed at 5%.


Najib also proposed to increase the minimum price of property that could be purchased by foreigners from RM500,000 to RM1mil.


He said property developers will have to display detailed sales price including all benefits and incentives offered to buyers such as exemption of legal fees, stamp duty, sales agreements, cash rebates and free gifts.


He said the Government would also prohibit developers from implementing projects with DIBS features, to prevent developers from incorporating interest rates on loans in house prices during the construction period.


“Therefore, financial institutions are prohibited from providing final funding for projects involved in the DIBS scheme,” he said.


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5 important thing you must know before invest in property


MCT集团(MCT Consortiu做人最怕买错房 租不出又卖不出


MCT集团(MCT Consortium Bhd)执行董事暨资深房产分析员拿督吴明权以“买房5招”,在9月中的“2013年南洋产业”为读者分析,6个房地产个案探讨。




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