What make a city livable?

Livable City
The ranking for the ‘Most Livable Cities’ usually measures standard of living opposed to quality of life. According to International Making Cities Livable website, the evidence is now mounting that the way we shape our cities profoundly affects our quality of life – our physical and mental health, our opportunities for having friends and neighbours, and even how likely we are to find and hold on to relevant jobs. Here are some facets which can increase livability:
a) Regulate how much incidental exercise is possible through walking and biking
b) Buildings and streets contribute to reducing crime when buildings support eyes on the street, while shops and services put a functioning community in control of their neighbourhood realm
c) Pattern, complexity and harmony in the built environment can stimulate curiosity, discovery and a sense that the world is meaningful
d) Beauty in nature, architecture and public places can lift spirits, raise endorphin levels besides improving physical

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